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Best Max operates on the website This pages keeps you informed with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers. We are entitled to Update, Add and Remove information & statements in Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers with/without notice.

Privacy Policy

This page keeps you updated with our policies regarding the use of the website (, disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of this website. We recognize the importance of maintaining your Privacy and we value your Personal Information you provide. This policy may describe how we treat our user’s and visitor’s information we collect on this website ( This Privacy Policy applies to the current and the former users and visitors of our website and it also applies to our online customers.
We use your Personal Information to improve the website and provide you with more user-oriented things. By using this website you agree to the collection and use of the personal information in-accordance with our policy.
Collection and Usage of Information

Information we collect

We might collect your Personal Information such as Name, email, Phone number, Address (Door number, Street, Town, City, District, State, Nation and Pin-code/Zip-code ) and IP-Address
Also, we might collect you Payment &Billing Information such as Billing Name, Billing Address, Payment Method when you Purchase/Shop with us and buy our Product(s). We may also user third-party Payment Gateway by which you can pay us online before it is delivered. We cannot assure with the things that our Payment Gateway partner(s) provide and/or collect. We reserve the right and we cannot be held responsible for information that our third-party partner(s) collect.

We also collect the information you post on social media belonging to 100 degrees clothing and it’s sister concerns.

We may also collect information such as the products you view, the products you like, the products you wish-list and the products you add to the cart. This helps us to take the survey and provide you with the products that you are interested in.

We may also collect information such as your IP-Address and the browser you are using. We might also look on other areas such as from which website you came from, the duration you spent on our website, pages us visited while your time on our website and what site you visited when you left us. We might also collect the device type and the OS(with the version) in which your device is working.

By using this website, we may ask you to provide us your Personal Information to identify and contact you to provide you some personalized services. We may use this information to track your location to deliver the product in the location you have mentioned.

We also collect information directly from you when you sign-up in our website and when you buy product from our website and also when you buy our products from other ecommerce website where our products are available and listed.

We also collect information when you give us the rating and comments to our product(s) in our website/other ecommerce websites where our products are available/through email.
We also use other tracking tools such as Google Analytics, cookies and other such services to track the performance and the usage of our website.

We may also collect information from social media if in-case you login to our website through the listed social media platforms in our website. We collect information such as Name and email address.
We might use your Personal Information you provide to contact you when you buy/order product(s) from our website. We might also use your personal information to send you Promotional Materials.
We might also use your personal information to confirm the order you have placed in our website/other ecommerce website where our products are listed.

We might use your information to personalize our website based on user’s preference. This could also include displaying content based on your preference. We may use the information we collect from you to improve your experience on our Website and make our website and products better.We may combine information we get from you and the information we get from the third parties and other ecommerce websites where our products are listed.

We may use the information to protect our company(s), our website(s) and our customers.
We might use the information to keep you informed about our promotional offers, special discounts, new features and products in our website. These might be our own offers which you can get in our website and/or the offers of our products listed on other third party ecommerce websites and/or the product(s) we think you might be interested in.

We might use this information to send you emails, SMS about your account and purchases made in our website/other ecommerce website where our products are listed. We might also share information with our third party vendors all over the world where our products are listed and manage our products and/or payment process and/or transactional message processors.

We share your information with delivery persons and other parties who are responsible to hand-in the product(s) you have ordered in our website/ other ecommerce website where our products are listed.
We will share your information to respond to the court of law and/or subpoena. We might also share the information if the government agency requests and while investigating frauds.

We may share the information with any successor who buys our company along with the transaction.
We may also share the information which are not described/mentioned in this policy. But we assure that we will keep you informed about this before we do this.If you click on any links which re-directs to other third party website, this policy and terms do not apply in those website. We recommend you to read the privacy policy of other website carefully before using. We cannot be held responsible for other third party websites and the things/products associated with it.

If you have any comments, doubts, grievances, queries you may contact [email protected]

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