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T-shirts are the staple item in the closet of every human being. Who doesn’t love to wear one of those? Despite the gender, from elder to younger everyone feel really more comfortable and confident when wearing one of those.

It is easy to wear, easy to wash and more over it is way more comfortable than any garments. As a fact, it is a saviour during summer season. For all we say, most of us have a quest, “How T-shirts or clothes are manufactured?”

Don’t worry, we are here to address it and clear things out,to give you a fair knowledge on the manufacturing process.

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         It is the first step of manufacturing a T-shirt. We use the best quality yarn to manufacture T-shirts. The thread we use does not fade away easily and also it does not shrink even after taking ‘n’ number of dips in the water. Unlike most of the T-shirts, it does not give any kind of skin infections or allergies. Since the quality of the thread we use is at its best quality.


         As the quality and comfort of the garment matters the most to us, after selecting the thread, it goes under lot of quality inspections and once it passes every quality checks, the Yarns are sent to the process of knitting.
          The selected yarns are knitted and looped into one another based on the size and shape of the garment. Thanks to those wonderful piece of engineering which made the process of knitting simpler and time-efficient. In lesser time the T-shirts are knitted and sent to the process of Dying. 

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Best Max

           After knitting the selected yarns and giving it the best possible shape to the garment, it is sent to the process of dyeing. We must mention that the colours we use does not fade or give any kind of skin infection.
            As like the thread, the dyes goes under lot of inspections and only if it passes all the quality checks, it will be used for the garments.
         The garments are dyed using the best colour quality, which are made of correct proportion.  

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            Once the Knitted garments are dyed, it is sent to the process of stitching. It is the process where the styling of the garments takes place. During this process, first the knitted and dyed garments goes under the process of cutting where the garments are scissored based on the size and shape of the garment. The hem and the style of the garments are taken into consideration and has more focus on it, as it gives the best structure to the garment.
        Once it is scissored, the process of stitching starts, every garments are stitched while keeping the quality and satisfaction of the customer on the mind in the first place.
       Every curves and every knots are made based on the customer’s wish. The garments are stitched without any imperfections and that’s what we promise to our customers.


         After the garments are stitched, it is ironed and almost reaches the final stage of the manufacturing process of a T-shirt or clothes. A crumpled cloth does not look good on any occasion but a neat, ironed cloth does!
      During the process of manufacturing a T shirts the cloth goes under many process where it has lot of possibilities to get crumpled and crushed.
         As soon as it reaches the ironing desk, after some unavoidable circumstances and handling those pressurised situations to bring the best shape out of them. It is hot pressed and stacked. Then after, it is sent to the quality check team. 

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Quality Check

Yes, even though we check the quality of the garments at every stage of the process, there is also a quality check after completing all the process of manufacturing a T-shirt or clothes. Because quality is what matters the most to us.
We would like to quote one of the John Ruskin’s sayings
“Quality is never an accident. It is the result of an intelligent effort”
Once the garments reaches the Quality check team, the quality of the garment is tested under lot ofcircumstances. The quality of the colour and the tensile strength of the garment is tested and put under lot of testing methodologies to get the best qualitywhichgives better satisfaction to the customer.
Every garments manufactured in our unit go through lot of testing and only if it satisfies our team it will be out and delivered to our valuable customer.

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